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Trees and the Environment
An average sized tree produces sufficient oxygen to keep a family of four breathing for one year. Trees help us relax, clean our soil and protect us from noise and pollution. Check out this great infographic from Capital Garden Services, Dublin

Pinching and pruning bedding plants
With a little bit of careful pruning, you can increase your bedding plant's flower display significantly.

Troubleshoot your indoor garden
When houseplants and indoor garden crops begin to look unhealthy, it can be very frustrating. Luckily, the cause of every single problem in a garden can be traced to one of just ten sources.

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Plant a child-friendly garden
With a few changes and additions to your garden, you can create a garden your children will enjoy all year round.

Growing peashoots
If you're looking for a fast crop you can grow in early spring or late summer, why not try pea shoots?

Herb Gardening

G is for garlic
Garlic is best planted in late autumn and even in winter if the soil is not too heavy.

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The dolphin that speaks porpoise
So Kylie has chosen to communicate with others outside her own species and even to care for at least one of them. This may well be uncommon for dolphins, but for plants, not that unusual at all.

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Build a brick patio
The circular brick patio with a weaving garden path around it described in this feature has the power to stop visitors in their tracks.

Why do my plants keep dying?
Just like us, plant need three things: some amount of daylight, nutrition and something to drink.

Improving clay soil
If you have clay soil, the good news is that it is possible to make it more gardener-friendly and the method is, mercifully simple