Suppose the example on the earlier page had a plot that wasn't square. The easiest way to take measurements from a plot like this is to triangulate. This involves taking two measurements from a fixed point that is square onto the page - usually the house - to the point that you wish to plot. In this case, we will use points A and B as shown in figure 1 for our fixed points.

Take running measurements of the house only and draw it onto your scaled plan. Then take two horizontal measurements from a point on the house to the boundary. Try to come straight out, at right angles to the house. These will give you points C and D. Scale those measurements onto your plan and mark with a cross. (Figure 2).

Now, we need to find points E and F and, to do this, we need to triangulate. Take a measurement from point A to point E and another from point B to point E. (Figure 3)

On your scaled plan, draw (in pencil) two lines, one from point A and one from point B. These lines can go in any direction as long as they are the same measurement as the one you have taken. For example on a 1:100 scaled drawing, the line from point A will be 7cm.

Now, with a compass draw a circle (in pencil) which has, as its centre, point A and its circumference touching the end of the line you have drawn. In other words, you draw a circle, centre point A and radius 7cm. Do the same for point B.

You will see that both of the circles cross at a specific point. (Figure 4) This is your point E and you can mark this on your diagram with an X and remove the circles and lines you have just drawn. Repeat the procedure for point F.

Now you can join up the crosses to complete your boundary. (Figure 5)

You can now use triangulation to mark the position of permanent features in your garden such as trees. But, suppose you have a feature you want to keep that is curved. In that case, you need to take OFFSETS.

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