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Online Home Garden Design Course
Eight part guide to designing your own garden from compiling a wish list to drawing up the plans.

What makes a garden child-friendly?
With a few changes and additions to your garden, plus some good advice from the next generation of garden designers, you can create a garden your children will enjoy all year round.

Vivienne Westwood in my garden
From investing in key pieces to sustainability, Ryan Lewis explains how to employ the fashion queen's manifesto in your garden.

Measuring Your Garden
Your measurements should be as accurate as possible because this will help you to calculate the amount of materials you will need when you come to do the job.

Design Inspirations
Even as a professional, I still use pictures of other peoples landscaping as an educational tool and to get new ideas. However, I find it almost pointless to search for an exact idea to copy. I look for unique, creative, and new ideas and pieces of the puzzle.

Designing with Decks
There are now as many design options for decks as there are for patios so, if you're going to have a deck built, why just build a plain one?

Counting the Cost of a New Garden
Most garden designers and landscapers will ask you to define your budget before they present you with a plan. This is not a sinister ploy to ensure they get all your money from you. It is because your budget will influence the layout and materials..

Lawn Design
It is true to say that incorporating a lawn into your design doesn't make for an entirely low-maintenance design but before you discount including a lawn, think about what it adds to your design.

Home Landscaping for Energy Conservation
Proper placement of trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, and hedges lets you modify the microclimate around your home to maximize shade during the summer and reduce wind chill during the winter.

Gardening in the Shade
If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to garden in the shade beneath the canopy of mature shade trees you will find many advantages not found in the full sun garden.

Gazebos Add Style to any Landscape
If you are thinking about adding a gazebo to your backyard décor, you will want to consider the location where you plan to place your new structure.

Designing with Day-lilies
Daylilies are quite possibly the perfect plant. It is easy to see why they have become one of the most popular flowering perennials. They are very hardy and quite easy to grow. .

Mediterranean Style
If you already have an established garden, you don't have to spend a fortune on a complete rebuild, you can keep the hard landscaping as it is and give it a little Mediterranean twist..

Designing with Water
Incorporating water into your garden design is a brave step. Get it right and you have an additional element that can really add interest but get it wrong and you end up with something resembling a green puddle.

How to create a planting plan
Some of the best planting combinations happen by chance but if you are planning to create a whole new border all at once, a planting plan will help you decide on the best plants to use and where to position them for maximum effect.

Show Gardens at Gardening Scotland 2009
Now in its 10th year, Gardening Scotland is the must-see event for gardeners north of the border...

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