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How to Install Lawn Drainage
If you want a lawn you can actually walk on after the rain without it turning into a mud bath, then you should install an underground drainage system of land drains.

How to Lay Turf
To prepare the site for laying turf, you should first remove all weeds, rocks and stones from the area to be turfed. If you are replacing an old, weedy lawn, you don't have to remove the turf.

Constructing a Low Maintenance Gravel Garden
Mowing the lawn is second only to the dreaded weeding. You can cut down on both these tasks by creating a low-maintenance gravel garden.

Lay a Block Paved Path
Good preparation is the key to success and you should start by setting out levels. Firstly, choose a direction for the water run-off. Your path will have a slight fall in one direction and be level in the other.

Build a Simple Square Deck
Firstly, decide where you want the top height of the deck to be. Remove any grass or weeds from the site and dig down to a minimum depth of 210mm below the top height if you need to.

Lay Decorative Paving
Decide what will be your top level for the patio and where you want the water to go. In general, patios should fall away from the house and be level across the house so that the water never gathers at the house and causes dampness problems.

Lay a Circular Brick Patio
Creating a circular patio adds more interest, and the circular brick patio with a weaving garden path around it described in this feature has the power to stop visitors in their tracks.

Build an Upright Palisade Fence
An upright palisade fence is one of the sturdiest fences you can build. Unlike panel fencing, it is much more resistant to wind because the gaps in between allow wind to pass through it.

Lay a Lawn Edging Strip
Building a level lawn edging strip or 'mowing strip', not only helps to separate difficult materials like gravel from lawn edges, you can also run your lawnmower wheels right over it. This cuts down your edging task from once per cut to only two or three times a year.

How to Build a Garden Pond
First you must decide where to site your pond. Have it close to the house if you want to it to be visible for most of the year. Choose a level site if possible and avoid placing your pond at the foot of a hill where water might run underneath the pond liner and lift it.

Edging your Pond
Small man-made garden ponds are often let down by the fact that the pond liner shows around the edges and it is quite difficult to get a natural looking edge.

Build a deck made from pallets
With a bit of care and some nice finishing touches, a deck made from pallets can be a good low-cost choice for a small patio area. While a pallet deck won't last you nearly as long as a deck built from treated timber, you can at least hope to get a couple of years out of it and it will only cost you the price of a packet of screws.

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