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Why do My Plants Keep Dying?
All over the country, on every grass verge, every vacant piece of ground and even in many people's gardens, plants are growing away quite happily with little or no human interference. But, like all living things, they do have some basic needs which have to be met.

Planting spring-flowering bulbs
It's time to plant your spring-flowering bulbs and, with careful planning, you can achieve a colourful display.

Making and using leaf mould
The savvy gardener knows that, far from being an inconvenience, autumn leaves are a bountiful resource. Here's how to make leaf mould for your garden and how to use it

Add vital minerals to your soil with seaweed
As a result of using seaweed, seed germination is better, root systems are healthier and there is increased resistance to disease.

Plant up some hyacinths for Christmas
There is nothing more welcoming when you enter a room on a dull winterís day than the heady scent of cheerful Hyacinths.

Create a wildflower meadow
All gardeners can do their bit for the survival of pollinating insects by giving over even a small patch of their land to wildflowers.

Plant a native hedge
Native hedges can support, not just hedgehogs but all kinds of plants, pollinators, birds, mammals and amphibians and in many of our native species, you get seasonal changes - either through flowers, berries or autumn leaf colour.

Build a wildlife hotel
There is no better pest control in your garden than to make use of natural predators. Ladybirds, lacewings, hedgehogs, toads and bees are all useful visitors to our gardens so, why not make them welcome by building them a hotel?

Designing with Day-lilies
Daylilies are quite possibly the perfect plant. It is easy to see why they have become one of the most popular flowering perennials. They are very hardy and quite easy to grow.

50 things you can compost
Here's a list of things you can put in your compost bin and for those of you who really need to know, we've colour-coded them according to whether they are predominantly green or brown or even both.

Basic Lawn Care
Great lawn maintenance can be a tough job, but there are a few simple things you can do on a regular basis to avoid having to rescue a "lawn gone bad".

Looking After Your Lawnmower
Do you have trouble starting your lawnmower up in the spring? Before deciding to take your lawnmower in for repair, try these few simple suggestions. After completing them most of the time your lawnmower will fire up and run like a champ.

How to Mow Your Lawn
One of the worst things you can do for a lawn and a big misconception is that you can or should mow your lawn very short in order to reduce the number of times you have to mow it.

Transplant Iris
One spring many years ago, an older friend of mine dug up an iris bed at her home. They were bearded irises -- a lovely shade of lilac purple -- and she moved some of them to a different location.

The Iris is at home in almost any garden design. Grow it in drifts for a traditional cottage garden look or use it sparingly for seasonal spots of colour in the gravel garden.

Perennial Bulbs
Perennial bulbs are easily grown, and can provide wonderful color in the garden all year round.

Conserving Water in the Garden
If you find yourself in a drought, there are some things you can do to help conserve water and make the best use of what you have available.

How to Grow Bonsai Trees
The type of tree you want will determine not only the tree you should buy but also the design of pot and the types of tools you may require.

Choosing Fish for your Garden Pond
Once a new garden pond has been planted and the waterlilies and other aquatic plants have been established for four or five weeks, ornamental fish can be introduced.

Creative Containers
Container gardens can create a natural sanctuary in a busy city street, along rooftops or on balconies. You can easily accentuate the welcoming look of a deck or patio with colorful pots of annuals.

Fertilising Flowers
When buying fertilizer for your flowers, there are two basic approaches. Either of these methods is satisfactory and the approach you take will depend upon the types of flowers you have.

Companion planting
Ever wondered why you see flowering plants such as marigolds and nasturtiums growing alongside vegetables in allotments? This is because traditional gardeners have long since recognised the value of companion planting.

All over the country, geraniums flaunt their red and scarlet, rose, pink, and white blooms with a gay abandon that few other plants can rival.

Grow the Greatest Flowers
Whether you want to raise prize-winning blooms or just have a home garden filled with of beautiful flowers, there are some things you can do in order to ensure your garden is in the best shape possible.

Top Tips for Pain-free Gardening
As an acupuncturist, I love to see patients in my clinic, but I hate to see people in unbearable pain, especially if that pain is avoidable. As a result, here is a compilation of tips and guidelines for pain-free gardening.

Planting Annuals
The massive diversity of annuals, their wide range of colours and styles, and their ease of care make annuals an in-demand choice for gardens everywhere.

Put Your Lawn to Bed for Winter
As the evenings get darker and the soil gets colder, your lawn's growth will slow and eventually stop. All through winter, it will lay dormant, preserving energy and preparing itself for the new burst of growth in spring.

Feed the Birds
Bird populations are controlled by the availability of their natural foods but artificial feeding does contribute to their survival especially if the weather is very harsh.

Weatherproofing Decks
Taking a little time to make sure that your decking is properly protected really does make sense and getting started on weatherproofing the decking does not take much time either.

Tree Pruning
One of the advantages of pruning during the winter is that you can see much better what needs to be cut out and what should stay.

Growing Plants Under Lights
Wherever you decide to set up your indoor growing system, there is one important point to remember - cleanliness is the key.

Improving Clay Soil
If you have clay soil, the good news is that it is possible to make it more gardener-friendly and the method is, mercifully simple.

Hydrogen Peroxide - The Gardening Miracle
That same oxidation action that keeps water clean apparently also has a positive impact in horticulture.

It's one of those plants that immediately draws the eye. Even from a distance, the silver-blue leaves stand out. Get up close to it and you can see why eucalyptus is such a good all-rounder.

Wage War on Slugs
The best way to arm yourself against any pest is to know a little about what they are and the way they think.

All About Basil
Basil is an important herb as its uses are two-fold, for cooking as well as to cure a variety of ailments.

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